Niche PR & Blogging

We’re here to spread your content across print, digital, radio & social media. With the love for soundsystem music and years of experience, we ensure your content will resonate thoroughly world-wide.

Marketing & Social Media

We can help you maximise your marketing and social media efforts - or simply manage them for you! We’ve marketed some of the biggest brands in soundsystem music.


Our design services will help you visualise the assets you need to tell your story. Need branding for music initiatives or a complete visual identity? We can help you translate vibrations to unique graphics.

Label & Distribution Management

Are you planning on starting (or do you run) your own record label? We can help, with our complete solution for both physical and digital music releases, distribution and management.

Music Video

We live in a world where visual content is becoming the primary content type. Our visualisation service turns your music into a fully immersive visual experience for your fans.

E-mail Newsletters

Email is still one of the most cost-effective marketing channels. Reach out to your audience, influencers or fans to maximise the potential of your music content.

Audio Mastering

Our mastering engineers have helped create high quality masters for some of the best labels in sound system music. We can help your music sound as good as possible with digital mastering for just €21,99/ track.


Do you have any questions that our experienced music industry specialists could help with? From music production, to performance, to PR - we’re here to help!

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